SoftWIRE 6.0

What is SoftWIRE?

SoftWIRE is a graphical programming extension to Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET which allows you to create data acquisition applications in minutes without having to learn a programming language. Graphical programming greatly simplifies the development of data acquisation applications. By using intuitive GUI controls in an Icon and Wire design editor, SoftWIRE users can quickly create powerful data acquisition applications without having to write code.








If you are an occupational programmer (one who has to write some programs to get his job done, but does not program as a primary job function) or a non-programmer, SoftWIRE is the data acquisition programming tool you have been waiting for. New SoftWIRE 6.0 offers over 250 controls, including over 100 new analysis controls, but still features the same simple, intuitive “flowchart” application designer.

SoftWIRE is 100% Microsoft .NET compliant; data acquisition projects can be graphical only, graphical plus code, and graphical plus code plus any other Visual Studio library, DLL or .NET component or control.

The SoftWIRE Editor is a design area where you construct data flow diagrams that represent the flow of data and control with Icons and Wires. Icons are powerful .NET components and controls that contain functions written in C#. The SoftWIRE controls are all written in Managed Code and may be used in SoftWIRE or any .NET program. The wires are also .NET components written in Managed Code.

SoftWIRE data acquisition projects can be constructed purely from SoftWIRE controls and wires, or may include code you write and .NET components or controls from other vendors. Because SoftWIRE is an extension of Visual Studio .NET, your SoftWIRE projects can employ any powerful .NET features available to VB.NET or C#.NET programmers. © 2008. Privacy Policy.